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Kinkara Luxury Retreat

A natural sanctuary and luxury resort in Costa Rica, we rely on the wisdom of nature and ancestral knowledge to offer you a unique stay. Immerse yourself in our realm, embracing signature experiences, daily activities, nature-inspired adventures, and fun and luxurious accommodations, all designed to help you reconnect with the joy of discovery, of yourself and your surroundings.


Santa Elena, Costa Rica


Saint Helena has a monsoon climate. Throughout the year there are high temperatures and a lot of precipitation. The average annual temperature in Saint Helena is 24°C and the average annual rainfall is 2299 mm. There is no rain for 66 days per year, the average humidity is 84% and the UV Index is 5.


The "clouds" that hang over the forest are actually a continuous mist, created by the extreme humidity at this altitude, some 1,600 meters above sea level. With this constant cover, the forest below is always wet. That makes it ideal for the wealth of plants that grow here, including hundreds of species of beautiful orchids and ferns.

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