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At Cartesiano, we have a deep respect for our roots. Our history is a compendium of bygone eras, embodied by the many layers of a rich cultural heritage, the hallmark of which is transformation.

Our property is made up of the synthesis of three buildings dating from the 16th to the 20th century, including renovations completed in 2021. The current property includes wellness spaces integrated into all buildings, with 60 rooms. Protected as a national monument, the property is included as part of the UNESCO World Heritage as it belongs to the historic city of Puebla and is imbued with an architectural eclecticism in which Spanish colonial gardens coexist with a collection of contemporary art from the 20th century.


Puebla, Mexico

Town  from Puebla

Puebla is the place that for centuries has been that point on the map where roads intersect. It is the meeting place between seas, goods, time and worlds. Its geographical location allows visitors to find themselves within a city surrounded by four volcanoes that provide beautiful landscapes. With Cartesiano, you will find elegant Pueblan hospitality and world-class service eager to be your host.


With quick and easy access, Cartesiano introduces its magnificent history in the center of the city. During the weekends the markets come alive again, using their beautiful legacy that refuses to disappear over the years. From Cartesiano, walk or drive as the highlights of the city are as close as shown below:

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